5 Minutes With The Designer of Lovepup…

Laura and DeeDee

Gemma and Ollie are delighted to carry some of the Lovepup range of bandanas and bow ties in our store. We will be adding to this collection soon. We recently caught up with the Melbourne-based designer of Lovepup – a much loved brand of accessories for fashion forward fur babies everywhere.

Hi Laura. How did Lovepup come about?

The idea for Lovepup started about 6 months ago. I wanted to combine my love of sewing with my love of dogs and once the idea was in my head everything else just fell into place. I went live in August and although it’s only been a few months I’ve done over 100 sales on Etsy and shipped bandanas off around the world. I have also met some amazing people and pooches through the dog Instagram community and I’m so happy they have welcomed me in.

Please tell us about the Lovepup team.

My dog DeeDee and I make up the team. I find the fabrics, do all the sewing and pack all the orders but DeeDee is always by my side overseeing everything I do. She also gets to trial and model the designs and has the final say on if they’re hot …or not! She also loves walking up to the Post Box and seeing the orders on their way.

How would you describe DeeDee’s personal style?

Being a Melbourne pooch, DeeDee loves following the latest fashion. At the moment she is loving the black gingham trend but then she also likes the BoHo style for Summer.

Does she have a favourite bandana?

Her favourite bandana is one of our very first designs – The Paisley. The colours are gorgeous and it’s great for Summer.

What inspires you when it comes to choosing the fabric you use in your lovely designs?

When choosing fabrics we get our inspiration from what’s currently in style in the shops and magazines but also throw in some classics too. We like to choose modern and stylish prints – nothing daggy! I also make sure the fabric is soft, lightweight and easy to wear. A goal for 2018 is designing our own prints 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing Lovepup’s own prints and adding to our range in store. Click here to see the range of Lovepup accessories we have in store. 

Bandana with love hearts  Swiss cross bandana  Bandana with arrows