5 minutes with Dolly, Lucy and Lizzy…

GemmaHi Dolly, Lucy and Lizzy! You all look beautiful as always. Love your bandanas! *wink* Thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Let’s start with finding out a little bit about you. Can you describe yourselves in 3 words?

Dollyfood, energetic, excited (did I say food)

Lizzy sleep, pats, love

Lucyplay, nawty, happy

OllieWho is a pushover when it comes to handing out treats in your house?

Dolly – Our mum gives out MANY treats. We just have to look at her with our cute little faces.

GemmaHaha. I can see you girls would be hard to resist! We use our cuteness to our advantage too. When you have those funny dreams where you kick and bark in your sleep, what are you dreaming of?

Lizzy – Our pawrents say we are dreaming of trying to run really fast to get food and chasing each other.  And of course chasing Postie Pat and running to the door when the doorbell rings. Oh and of course we always dreams about Gemma and Ollie..hehe

Ollie – *blushing* Ahem… we always greet anyone knocking on the door with lots of barking. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

DollyHmmm. Where do we start… once I ate an entire bucket of m & ms. It didn’t make me sick. Another time I ate heaps of kibble and had to go to the vets and have an injection to make me sick. Then I tried to eat the vomit.

LucyI eat beds and toys on a daily basis and I like to make the corners of the rectangle rugs round. The only thing that really upset my mum was when I ate her brand-new shoe when it was only a couple of days old.

GemmaOh yes… shoes… I may have also eaten a few when I was a baby… not complete pairs though… I usually just eat one side.

LizzyAll three of us dug up Dot our pet rabbit six months after she passed away and ate her. I ended up at the vets. Oopsie. We loved her when she was alive. We didn’t know it was a nawty thing to do.

OllieOh. Errr….Lucy, we hear you have a very special job you do once a week. Can you please tell us about your volunteer work?

Lucy Actually all 3 of us are Paws Pet Therapy dogs but I have a regular stint at Sunnyfield at Kariong. I go and visit the lovely men and women who attend a day program there each week and look pretty for them and let them give me lots of pats. They all love me and I just love going. Being a pet therapist is a very inpawtint role as it’s a dogs job once that jacket is on to spread the love and smiles all round. 

Lucy in her Paws Pet Therapy jacket with the smile that puts smiles on many faces.

GemmaThat’s such a pawsome thing that you do. Spreading love around and making a difference. We also love that you started Doggie Dates NSW with your mum. Can you tell us more about it?

DollyDoggie Dates started in 2015 after our mum realised the need for an on-leash walking group as so many people had had trouble at off leash dog parks in the Camden Campbelltown area. From humble beginnings it grew to what is now an incredible and inspiring group of lovely people and dogs. We meet twice a month in different parks in the area and in between members post up informal walks. We are now a registered group and are planning some exciting things for the future. We celebrate events such as Christmas and Halloween and sometimes dog’s birthday pawties and other events. Dogs don’t have to be friendly but must be restrained and we just ask that owners communicate with each other if their dogs can meet face to face and that they give their dogs space at the meet up.  With time and commitment, we find the dogs become more relaxed at Doggie Dates and start to make their own friends as do the humans.

Gemma That’s fantastic! What would you say to a dog that wanted to attend a Doggie Dates walk but is worried about being too barky or disruptive?

Lizzy Many of the humans have barky disruptive dogs. Simply give them space at the meet up, walk them around while waiting for the walk to start or during the rest time. Walk towards the front or back or give them considerable space during the walk. Do not stress as this stresses them. Or initially post up for informal walks with smaller groups of people. Remember we do NOT judge. Our only real requirement is that you respect others and their dogs and that you have your dog securely restrained.

OllieHow can we find out more about future Doggie Dates events?

Lucy Click here to like our Facebook page

You can also join one of the groups,  Campbelltown Camden Doggie Dates or Central Coast Doggie Dates on Facebook. You can follow us on Instagram @doggie_dates_nsw or

Click here www.doggiedatesnsw.com.au

Gemma Lastly, what do you love doing even though you know your mum and dad don’t approve?

LizzyWe all love eating our cats poop it is so tasty, (Dolly loves eating dog poop too, but we won’t talk about that here) and we love to bark at the postie and anyone who dares come into our street. Of course, we make a HUGE fuss if the doorbell rings!

Gemma and OllieThanks so much for your time girls! We can’t wait to hear about all the exciting things that are going to happen with Doggie Dates NSW.