5 minutes with Archie…

Ollie: Hi Archie. We are so happy to interview you today. Let’s start with finding out a little bit more about you. Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Archie: Handsome, cuddly, loyal

Gemma: You sure are handsome! Especially in that beautiful Lovepup scarf…* wink wink* Do you have everyone at home wrapped around your little paw?

Archie: Hahaha…my Mum wrapped around all 4 of them!

Ollie: We know all about that! We have our Mum at our beck and call. *giggles* What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?

Archie: I chewed all the buttons off Mum’s brand new PJ’s that she hadn’t worn yet. It was fun doing it but after Mum made me bring them all back up which I didn’t like at all – I don’t think Mum enjoyed cleaning it up either!

Gemma: Oooh that’s the worse part. Try shoes next time!

Ollie: Or money…. Pawrents get very excited when you eat that. Speaking of which, what is your all time favourite treat?

Archie: Food, food & more food.

Gemma: Great answer! *licks lips* Anyway, we heard that you are quite busy in your spare time. Can you tell us more about your K9 training?

Olie: What is K9 training?

Archie: I do Agility which I love as it keeps me active & working with only a little help from Mum so that it helps me with my confidence & I get to run which I enjoy so much – I do this at Bails Paw Pet Services run by Tanya who is amazing. 

Gemma: Wow! That sounds pawsome!

Archie: It is! I also do Nosework which I really love & it is great for building my confidence working without Mum’s help – I do this at Kylie’s K9 Country Retreat with Kellie who is awesome as she understands I need to be calmed down to get the best out of my nose.

Archie: I love that I get to EAT my favourite thing of all time……FOOD at these activities as well!

Ollie: Oh my dog, I like the sound of all the food at these activities….

Gemma: Ollie, you also have to do other stuff there, not just eat you know. Nosework is a sport created to mimic professional detection dog tasks. You have to work and find a hidden target smell and alert the handler.

Ollie: It sounds like alot of fun anyway! And you get a treat after. Archie, do you also do some therapy work?

Archie: I’m so loved by the residents & staff at my two regular visits for Paws Pet Therapy which is at The Lodge & The Manor both at Durham Green Village.  I get lots of pats, cuddles & FOOD.

Ollie: That sounds lovely! What do you enjoy most about being a therapy dog?

Archie: I enjoy this as I can tell it makes my Mum happy & lots of other people happy too.  Mum tells me that I’m doing a really lovely job helping those who through no fault of their own being old or not being able to have pets anymore by bringing some joy into their lives. Also those who are down on their luck & people from all walks of life who just may need some love & attention.

Gemma: Archie, that’s really special that you get to help so many people. What made you decide to be a therapy dog?

Archie: Mum said that I have the perfect nature for this & now that she’s retired it’s time to give back to the community & spend as much time as she can with me cause I’m special!

Gemma: Oh, you and your Mum are very special and it’s so lovely that you take the time to brighten someone’s day with your visits.

Ollie: Yes, it’s fantastic! Lastly, what’s one thing you wish your Mum wouldn’t do?

Archie: Smooch me all the time (geez once or twice but give me a break)!!!

Ollie: Hahaha….I hear you Archie! We get smothered with kisses all the time too. Even in public! *rolls eyes*

Gemma: Yep, super embarrassing! Thanks again for chatting to us today Archie! You are such an inspiration with all the fun and rewarding things that you do. Maybe some other furiends will be inspired to try these activities too.