7 unusual animal friendships formed by dogs.

Steve our piggy brother

Dogs are known as man’s best friend but what happens when our pups make friends with other animals? So what are some of the weirdest pup friendships in the animal kingdom?

Nova and Pacco

Nova is an almost 3 year old Karamba Laukinė Vilkauogė who goes on a multitude of adventures for his best friend Pacco, a 2 year old ferret.

You  can check out their amazing adventures and cute snoozing photos over on their Instagram account.

Giraffe and pup at The Rhino Orphanage

When the resident pup of The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo Province, South Africa decided to make friends with an orphaned Giraffe, cuteness ensued. Jazz the Giraffe and Hunter the AP Belgian Malinois share a beautiful bond that left them inseparable. 

Jazz originally came from the Morongwane Game Heritage and was getting helped by The Rhino Orphanage when he met Hunter. Unfortunately in December 2019 Jazz passed away and his buddy Hunter was there with him right until the end. 

Facebook Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1786465641497926

Roo and Dotty

Living a great life in the Kentish countryside is Roo the beautiful Chocolate Lab with his gorgeous little friend Dotty the Pygmy Goat. They aren’t the only ones living there, there are other dogs, turkeys, llamas, cats and more.

Lola the Cavie and her bunny

Lola is an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has a best friend she loves that just happens to be a cute little bunny named Pepper. They go on adventures together but one of their favourite things to do is dress up.

Check out some of their awesome dress ups on Instagram.

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I just can’t Monday today?

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Lou Lou the Mini Daschaund & her siblings

Lou Lou lives with her many animal siblings in The Netherlands and loves nothing more than to snuggle with them. She has recently become mum to a litter of puppies so has been more focused on them than her animal friends but soon she will be back to hanging out with her ducks, chickens, other bird friends, bunnies, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and more!

You can check out Lou Lou’s gorgeous pups and all her adventures with her animal siblings on her Instagram.

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Happy Friday!

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Your face when you expect a steak but get a salad.

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Nothing wrong with their nose. Waiting for a treat.

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Colton & his many farm friends

Colton lives on a farm sanctuary in Virgina which means he has the chance to make friends with many different animals. In particular Colton hangs out with Olive the Donkey and Bucket the Jersey steer that gave the sanctuary it’s name Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary.

Peanut and Violet

The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe has a whole host of different animals come and go but these two are just too cute to pass up. This adorable duo is Peanut the rescue pup and Violet a baby Baboon who was unfortunately orphaned but found a snuggle partner in Peanut.

If you check out Sarah, a trustee of the trust’s Instagram account you will also find cheeky monkey Horace hanging out with some of the other rescue pups that make their way to the sanctuary. 

How adorable are all these furry friendships? We have always known that dogs have the biggest hearts but these beautiful friendships just go to show how big of a heart they have.