Cat Dancer Charmer Wand Teaser Toy


Keep your feline happy and active with the Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy!

Get your kitty chasing and playing with this fun cat toy! Featuring a bendy wand that supports tugging and pulling and a floppy, colourful fabric ribbon, this teaser wand toy for cats is great to use to keep your feline active and give them more entertainment during the day. You can drag the ribbon across the floor to encourage your pet to chase it; swing it above your cat’s head so they can paw and pounce; and much more!


  • Interactive cat toy that keeps your kitty entertained for hours
  • Colourful and soft fabric ribbon that you can twirl and swing around for your pet
  • Gives your cat more activity during the day
  • Flexible wand that bends slightly to support any tugging and pulling
  • Easy to use and control

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