Natural Doggie Soap Paws Gift Pack by Gemma and Ollie


This gift pack contains 3 paw shaped soaps. 

Your fur baby deserves natural doggie soap for bath time. This soap is all natural with no harsh chemicals. This easy-to-use soap bar gently cleanses, moisturises and nourishes the coat and skin.

Combining coconut oil with pure essential oils that help deter fleas and soothe sensitive skin, as well as leaving your fur baby smelling fresh!

Wet your fur baby all over and rub the soap into their coat and skin. Make sure to avoid their eyes! Lather it up while giving them a good massage. Rinse thoroughly.

Handmade with coconut oil, safflower oil, purified water, soybean protein,vegetable glycerin, pure lavender & lemongrass essential oil.

As each piece of soap is handmade and unique, please allow for any slight variations.