Senses Pet Aromatherapy 3 Pack Votive Candles


Aromatherapy for animals involves the use of essential oils and can be highly effective in the healing of physical, behavioural and emotional issues. It works in a gentle, non-invasive, and holistic manner to help provide total health for your fur baby.

Senses chooses 100% pure essential oils according to their healing properties. You and your fur baby will love the emotional balance, energy and overall sense of wellbeing.

Senses candles are made with Natural & Biodegradable Pure Soy Wax, NO animal products, NO palm oil, NO petroleum, pesticides, toxic or genetically modified materials which makes these candles environmentally friendly, clean burning and safe for your fur babies.


This invigorating blend uses the fresh fragrances of Sweet Orange, uplifting qualities of Bergamot with floral aromas of Ylang Yang, Jasmin and Rose, finished with warm earthy tones of Patchouli, Cardoman, Sandalwood and Clove.


For those doggie odours that just sometimes can’t be avoided, this mixture will take
care of it all with the sweet scent of Mandarin, refreshing Organic Eucalyptus, pest
repelling properties of Lemongrass and Peppermint, all finished with a hint of


What better way to unwind than with the relaxing benefits of Lavender, Roman
Chamomile and Lemon together with calming Marjoram and Jojoba. This will bring
you and your fur baby together for those special times.

Additional Information:

  • 55g/1.94oz each
  • 20 hours burn time each
  • Natural Cotton wicks
  • Each Candle comes in a beautiful transparent white recyclable glass jar
  • Votive collection is packaged in a signature Senses Box
  • Hand poured in Australia